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18 August 2008
Here we are!

After spending many months working like crazy on the code, it's time to put a site together. And well, let's admit it, it's a bit intimidating.

So, hopefully, in the next days or so, content will appear on this site, giving you some information about orx, and allowing to download its first release (v0.9) containing all the source you need, API reference doc and basic tutorials including comments and binaries for windows and linux.

Actually, everything's almost done, except for a couple of tutorials, and, most important, the website itself! =)

But from what I've experienced during this last week end, creating the website will probably soon turn into my worst nightmare. At least I'll will be able to focus on it as soon as the tutorials are over.

Anyway for now, it's time to get some sleep.

Hope to hear from all of you soon!

Good night world!

- iarwain
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