Orx based virtual pinball machines! Print
27 September 2016

There have been two virtual pinball machines built by the AAU. These machines feature hardware pinball controls, tilting, and a 170/170 LCD display at a steady 60FPS.

One has been built for Reload Bar and Games as a wall mounted unit. They are based in Canberra.

Facebook announcement is here.

The second one has been built for Xero, for their recent Xerocon South 2016 in Brisbane Australia. The unit now resides as a table top unit in the Xero Canberra office.

Tweeted pics and videos from the event are here.

The virtual pinball games themselves are powered by Orx and the machines running them are very low powered pentium based NUCs. Orx is driving these games at 1920 x 1080 and a rock solid 60 frames a second.

Testament to the power of Orx's engine even on low powered machines.

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