First tutorial video: Viewport, Object, FX and Spawner Print
13 September 2008

Hi all!


So there it is, a first tutorial captured on video! Laughing

It consists of a simple project using orx, starting with visual studio 2008 setup, a simple code that creates a viewport and an object.


Once everything is built, we play in the config file for a while: we show some of orx basic properties and behaviors related to viewports, cameras, objects, FXs and spawners.


The tutorial is cut down in 8 parts. You can see all of them on vimeo (cf. the list of links at the end of this post).


Unfortunately, I can't embed the video directly here, as you'll need to watch them in HD, otherwise the text won't be readable at all.

The best viewing conditions are fullscreen with vimeo's scaling feature disabled.


All files used in the making of this tutorial (ie. visual studio build files, c source code, include file, data and executables) can be downloaded here:


Any feedback will be welcome (either by comments on vimeo or here on the forum)!


See ya!


- iarwain


Vimeo video list:

- Part1: setup and build

- Part2: simple object display

- Part3: advanced object properties

- Part4: simple visual FX

- Part5: spawner combined with FX

- Part6: more spawner controls

- Part7: config override and release/debug builds

- Part8: final summary


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