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15 September 2008

Hello all!


After releasing the tutorial videos, the rest of the week end (or so), was used to improve orx's "user-friendliness", thanks to all suggestions (and contributions) made by M1SF17. Smile


Downloadable packages are not yet updated. However you can expect a release during the week, that will contain build improvements, spawners and better config file inheritance.


For all those who wanted to try the engine and couldn't get it to run, or even build, please use the svn repository as now you don't need to install the external libraries anymore.


That means, if you're using visual studio project files (2005 & 2008), codelite or code::blocks ones: everything should build out-of-the-box.

However the makefiles (mingw and linux) are not yet updated and this may take a while, unless some expert in bakefiles shows up! ;)


For linux users, I advise using the codelite project files.


As for config inheritance, you can now link config files using the tag @path/to/myLinkedFile@. This works exactly like an include, meaning values from included files will override previous values (if there are collisions) and that you can override values from the linked file afterward. A better explanation is provided as the beginning of CreationTemplate.ini. =)


Thanks for your attention and please report any issues you encounter when trying orx, this way that can be fixed as soon as possible! =)

- iarwain

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