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13 November 2009

Hi guys,


As I begin slowly to have some free time again to work on orx, I have a couple of questions for you.


First question: Is there someone with a working visual studio 2005 installation that is willing to help me do the v1.1 release for orx?

The task is mainly to load the project, compile both release & debug and send me the binaries, that's about it. For some weird random reason I can't get msvs2005 to work on my computer and I don't have access to the previous facilities I had when making the former releases.


Second question: Which library would you recommand to load/save images?

So far I've had a look at DevIL and SOIL, but I'm sure there are other libraries out there worth a look. It has to be either opensource or free that can be used for a LGPL program.


To reply, you can either pm me or use the forum.

Thanks in advance, everyone! =)


- iarwain

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