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03 December 2009

Scroll/ScrollEd, the engine/editor for level-based games, based on orx and written in templated C++ has now reached its alpha milestone.


I've written a very basic game example featuring a top-down view, enemies with different shooting patterns, health management, homing missiles, player animations, sound fx & musics, explosions, etc...


This only requires very few lines of code compared to traditionnal games. New type of enemies with new fire patterns can be added without having to write a single line of code. The corresponding C++ classes will be automatically created and bound to the orx objects at runtime allowing easy customization.


Before releasing everything I only need to add a couple of new sprites (I'm using mostly X-shaped sprites for now) and design a couple of simple levels for the game example as well as add project files for linux (only windows & Mac OS X have been compiled so far).


I'd also like to create a nice wiki page explaining how to use both Scroll (the engine) and ScrollEd (the embedded editor). However I know that my explanation/writing skill saren't that goodso I'd like to find volunteers to help with this wiki page.

If you're willing to help me with this part, please write me an email or contact me on the forum so that I can give you basic written instructions about how things work and send you the current version.

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