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19 February 2010

Erm, sorry for the lack of inspiration for the title. -_-


So orx on iPhone/iPod Touch is coming nicely. So far all the core features are available. 

As for the plugins, the rendering works correctly (OpenGL ES 1.1 for now, so no support for shaders) but text aren't supported yet.


The mouse plugin works and simulate a one-button mouse given the touch information the device provide.

The full events (including multiple touches) are also forwarded by orx if you need them (just add an event handler on the event type orxEVENT_TYPE_IPHONE).


Next step: sound support. This looks very messy from the bits of code I could analyze so far, so it might take a week or two, maybe more.

Lastly I'll add text support with custom bitmap font support. The custom bitmap font support will then be added to the other architectures (win/linux/mac OS X).


I'll probably also forward the accelerometer events and feed their values to the joystick plugin (X, Y & Z axes) so that they can be used directly through the generic orxInput module.


When all this is done, before releasing a new version, I'll try to make a couple of small optims here and there and maybe finish the SDL/OpenGL/OpenAL plugins that will then become the main plugins for orx. :)


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