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02 March 2010

Hi all,


Just a few lines to give a small update on the iPhone port. So far everything went perfectly well. Sound is now completely supported by orx on iPhone (both FXs and streams). :)


Last step before releasing a beta: add custom bitmap font support to orx so that texts can be rendered on iPhone. I don't have any ETA as I'm about to leave for 4 weeks and I'll probably won't work much on this meanwhile.


However, if you're curious to try the port by yourself (fully functional except for text rendering), the current iPhone version is available from the SVN: look for the xcode project file in /code/build/mac/xcode/orx-iphone.


As I don't have an IDP, I can't test orx on a real device but only on the simulator. So if someone with an IDP is willing to try orx's iPhone test demo on a real device, please let me know if you encounter any issue!


- iarwain


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