iPhone v1.2 beta released! Print
11 April 2010

Everything's in the title except for the link: https://sourceforge.net/projects/orx/files/orx/orx%20-%201.2%20(beta)/orx-full-iPhone-1.2-beta.zip/download Cool


Please read the !ReadMe-iPhone.txt file for more details.


The package  contains orx's full source code as well as an iPhone-oriented demo featuring:


  • accelerometer
  • touch interaction
  • physics
  • particles
  • music & sounds
  • dynamic object creation
  • visual FXs


If you find any bug please let us know! Any feedbacks/comments will also be greatly appreciated! Laughing


The only thing missing before a final release is OpenGL ES 2.0 support with custom shader support. 


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