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14 June 2010

Well, that wasn't exactly on the roadmap for 1.2 release, but unicode support has been added to orx.


However orx only supports UTF-8 right now. Latin-1 isn't accepted anymore, so if you want to use ASCII's extended characters (0x80 - 0xFF) you'll now have to encode your files in UTF-8.


Why such a sudden interest for unicode, you might ask?

Well, I've been considering that for a long time actually, and seen the recent increase of interest in orx from east asian users (currently half the downloads originate from China, thanks to JTianLing :)), now was the best time to add it and be able to display non-ASCII texts.


1.2 release will thus have 2 new features concerning texts: custom bitmaps support and UTF-8 support.

I'll update tutorial #10 prior to the release so as to show how both are used.

As Chinese is still unreachable for me, I'll put a Japanese example in the tutorial.


- iarwain


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