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26 November 2010

Lately orx has mostly improved due to its community (lazy me!).


Some improvements are code-related and you can follow their advance in the forum. Thanks again to tdomhan and laschweinski for their involvement. It's very motivating to see new features/ports coming from the community. I'm really looking forward the next release where all their work should be integrated.


At least as important as code improvement, some tutorials were added by sausage. I can only recommend them for newcomers as well as more experienced users as they are more about how to use orx for doing advanced tasks than simply understanding orx's basics.


Thanks also to Grey who contributed to some quality tutorials starting with the very beginning: how to setup your workspace in order to be able to use orx.


You can find all those tutorials on the community tutorial page.


Last Updated on Friday, 26 November 2010 07:13