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06 December 2010

Well, for those of you who read the forum, it's probably no news but Laschweinski ported orx to Android!!!


A big thanks to him for his great work! He actually finished the port a couple of days ago: the last task was adding shader/OpenGL ES 2.0 support to the display plugin and integrate the latest improvement that have been added to the iPhone plugin. Everything (except sound positioning) is working on the Android version.


Currently the port is sitting in its own development branch on the svn but I should be able to integrate all this to the trunk end of next week if everything go smoothly.


Meanwhile, if you have any questions feel free to ask him via the forum or the PM system.


As soon as this is integrated to the svn trunk along the sound recording feature, powered by tdomhan and the Box2D joints support, orx 1.3 will be released. I wish I could do that before christmas but the deadline looks a bit too short on my side, time will tell!


- iarwain


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