Orx v1.3rc0 is (finally) here! Print
16 May 2011

Most of the files are now online except the msvs2010 (might take a while) and the non-native version for Android that should be up by the end of tomorrow.

You can find more info here or grab the files directly here.


For those who haven't been using the svn since the v1.2 release, here's a non-exhaustive list of what you can find inside:

- Android support (both native for Android 2.3+ and non-native for Android 1.6+)

- OpenGL ES 2.0 support for Android and iPhone/iPad, including custom shader support

- Lots of optimizations (including batch rendering)

- Data driven physics joint support

- CPU real time profiler with graphic display 

- Custom variable width font support 

- Sound recording support with optional on-the-fly packet modification 

- A new lighting/bump mapping tutorial

And much much more...


Please read the CHANGELOG as some parts of the API/config properties have slightly changed. 


I'll update the wiki with the new stuff in the coming days and I'll probably add a page on how to use the profiler and I'll post here when it's done.


Thanks a lot to all those who have contributed to this version! =) 


Enjoy! Cool


- iarwain


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