Distance Field Ray Marching Print
26 September 2011

Last Friday we had a Graphics Jam at work to try new rendering techniques/stuff. Most of the participants went to try hardware tessellation or compute shaders with DirectCompute but I tried to do some distance field ray marching.


I've been tempted to try it for a while since I read IQ's Rendering Worlds With Two Triangles. As we only had one day to work on it, I thought I'd use orx as a base framework. My entry is very basic compared to what you can find using that technique on internet, especially when looking at some demoscene prods, but I'm no graphics programmer. =)


I'm simply posting some screenshots here to show that even if orx is a 2D-oriented engine, you can still do nice looking 3D stuff with it without too much trouble. 


Unfortunately the soft shadow rendering didn't work on my work computer, so the screenshots won't have any shadows. I'll try to post new ones from home if I remember.

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