Happy new year! (and 1.5 release) Print
01 January 2014

Happy new year to all of you! =)

I took this opportunity to push orx 1.5 today. Not many new things since 1.5rc0 beside a few small fixes and additions.

That being said, 1.6 is probably coming out early 2014 with quite a major change: multi-threading support and asynchronous tasks & resources.

That means orx will load & save all sound and image resources asynchronously, out of the box, however that behavior will be entirely controllable.

Users will also be able to create their own threads and execute asynchronous tasks. Those are powerful but advanced features and will probably not be recommended for everyone: be careful though as most of orx's API itself isn't thread-safe, such as the config system.

Anyway we'll get other occasions to talk more about this. ;)


- iarwain


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