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Just a small suggestion: the Orx Twitter account should be easier to access on the front/home page. I had to do a search through the News section to find it, and the only post (this one) that mentioned it had the link spelled wrong :P (it went to http://twitter.com/orxproje instead of http://twitter.com/OrxProject)

Perhaps more of a Facebook presence too? I just searched around and I found a Page that had 0 fans...

Not that Facebook/Twitter are *necessary* or anything, but exposure is good---the more people aware of Orx, the more awesome projects get built.


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    It's a very good idea for the twitter account. I'll add a link in the left menu. As for the post, the original account was dotorx, and then I made a search&replace that didn't exactly work as intended! :D
    I'll fix that right away.

    For Facebook, I have to admit I don't know how it works as I sweared I'd never use it for myself! ^^
    I don't even use the twitter account much but I'll try harder. =)
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