Manster Mash

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I made a quick little game called Manster Mash in the space of about two weeks---with breaks for learning APIs, napping, and scratching myself---to celebrate Manster, the manly version of Easter. It's a multiplayer affair to see who can collect the most bacon whilst delivering high-fives.




I wrote a bit about the game's inspirations (viz.: Super Crate Box, Super Smash Bros., and Octopounce) and its development here.

For the impatient of course, you can find the game itself for Linux and Windows here. Though be warned, there's no in-game tutorial, so you'd do well to read the README.

It's also buggy as hell, and not multiplayer-tested, so do expect to get exactly all of your money's worth. Huzzah!


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    I tried it yesterday but I was lacking of friends so I just keep dying all by myself.

    Here are some comments:
    - there's a bug on the high-five creating bacon: when two players high five, all the players alive will get bacon instead of only the high fivers (at least that what happened with 3 players, even when the 3rd player was dead, a mini bacon kept appearing just above the firepit :))
    - it's damn hard to jump on the first floor platforms: the player was only reaching the platforms at shoulder height and I had to expect some weird collision decision from Box2D to put me on top of the platforms when both collision shapes were probably at about the same height. Maybe a framerate issue or are the jump velocities/impulse time independent?
    - the texts displayed above the firepit often overlap, one easy lazy way (my favourites) to fix that would be to set a vertical veloticy for those objects in config file
    - I couldn't find a way to restart after a game over :(
    - interesting decision of using input names such as KeyW, KeyA, ... instead of P1Left, P1Jump and so on that would be easier to remap in a config file
    - you can use orxCrypt to merge all the config files into 1 (with optional encryption) for release, to make it harder for people to cheat/alter game properties
    - with not too much extra work (I'd say about 20 lines of code) you can provide the players with in-game control remapping using the orxInput API (which would be nice for easy multi-pads support)

    Other than that it looks like a cool little manster game provided you have some friends around (ok I'll stop crying now ^^). :)
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    Heh, good points, all of them. My main excuse for most of them is that I just wanted to make a quick and dirty party game for a manly house party. I'm still learning Orx, and I put this together in my spare time over the course of a two-week rush. So, it wasn't meant to be a viable commercial product, of course...just a silly (and buggy in parts!) party game.

    As for everyone getting bacon when only two people high-five, that was intentional. The idea being that the high-fives would happen a lot, making everyone gain and lose bacon very rapidly. I was hoping this would make the game kind of crazy and lead to a lot of screaming and accidental jumping into the fire pit without bacon. Again, I didn't get much chance to playtest with >=3 people, so I'm still not sure how it works out.

    Anyway, thanks for all the recommendations regardless! It really was just meant to be a silly party game and learning project, but you raised some good points. I'll try to keep them in mind on the next one.
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    Ah ok, I see for the high five giving bacon to everybody. But I still think the dead shouldn't be granted yummy bacon slices, they don't deserve it!

    If you have any comments regarding orx and what could be improved, please let me know.
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