Gimp add-in: export guides -> config sections

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Hi Guys.

Lately I have had to repetitively refine graphics in The Gimp, scale, set up guides, save final image to the project folder, and the comes the labourious part: using Gimp to measure each sprite and copy the details to the config files.

So I got out a rock and smashed another rock over and over (standard Script-Fu development process) and made a script to get rid of this slow process. Hopefully it'll be handy for some of you guys.

Head over to the wiki for the details and the download: Addin for The Gimp to Extract Guides for Configuration

In effect this:


Becomes this:



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    great. and give me a new way to solve the problem orx do not have a good editor, although it only provide the feature to clip the picture.
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    yeah, we should maybe start a joint project for managing animation textures and texture atlases in general.
    so far I'm mainly using some python scripts...but that's not totally convenient.
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    Good idea and thanks for the wiki entry! I'm sure this will be very helpful to a lot of people, including myself! :)
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