Project Milana: Orx developers needed!

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I am here today to talk about my current game project: Milana.
Milana is a little RPG set in ancient times, times mixing fantasy and medieval adventures.
The game graphics will be heavily inspired by The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap.

Here's the background story written by Pojo:

The expansive known world of Milana is, in short, a utopia. From the rich blue water to the vibrant landscapes, Milana is a realm known for its good fortune.

Under the shadow of a long dormant volcano, this land lives in complete harmony. Tribes of numerous races live in a poetic environment that only the most optimistic of hymns could describe.
Their ways are simple, and their lives, artistic and desirable. Their lifeblood is in the water. Their lakes, their seas, rivers and oasis, all pristine and magical, as if touched by an unseen god. The creatures who call the waterfronts home will happily attest to the mystical properties of the water, and how it betters their lives and cures all ailments.

But those were happier times.

A dense smog coats the land. Inferno, the once fiery peak that was long since thought to have died out, has begun to breathe once more. And with each breath it takes, more of the land is plagued in flames and ash. Soon, the whole of Milana will be taken by the purging fires.. unless they can douse it.
But who will brave the hellfire embarking on an odyssey for the waters of life?

Her name is Rain...

Rain is our little hero, a teenager with an unknown past. She finds herself having more than humans populating this world: she has magical powers from the water element.

Milana is a singleplayer game with a tiny and adorable hero, in a Minish Cap-ish world.

The game will feature:
  1. Dungeons (baddies, labyrinths, mazes, boss battles)
  2. Simple stats (ATK/DEF/HP/MP)
  3. Leveling System (1-10)
  4. Quests with rewards
  5. Crafting System
  6. Achievements
  7. More..none

I am planning to use Orx as the game engine to create this game, and hopefuly release it on win/mac/linux/iphone/android. I know Orx is capable of it.
I am myself a programmer and pixel artist, but I am no god. I only know C and the basics of C++ (ie: classes). I am working with Zachary James, the main artist (pixel artist) on the project, and another programmer named Marcus.

I would need someone that is used to work with the Orx Engine and talented enough to survive this long term project. Profits made with the game will be rewarded to all contributors, and I am planning to go through platforms like Kickstarter for funding.
I am also looking for a new team member in general, for my studio named Epic Minds.
We have more projects at the same time!

If you're interested enough by this project, do not hesitate to send me a mail: [email protected]

I will then send you the application form and review your motivation/skills.

Thank you for your time, hope that made sense! You can contact me to know more about the project or if you simply need more to be convinced to work with us.


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    This looks like a really cool project, and I completely agree Orx is capable of delivering it on the different platforms.

    I would be interested in this, but I'm currently occupied in another project (also using Orx!!).

    Please keep us informed on the progress of your project. I have really grown to like Orx since I started playing with it a few months ago. It's great to see how it's being used.
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    The pixel artist started to work on the project and I can not show the tiles right now (not home).
    I've found another artist, for the game music. He will proceed to create the ambient sounds we need to give players the ultimate gaming experience.

    I will try to post some graphics here and update you guys as often as possible on the project. Sadly, we're still missing a developer experienced with Orx. We really need someone that already worked with the engine and possibly made a few projects with it. That will be best to keep progress on the project coming, seeing as other artists keep delivering, for now.
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    Yes, please show us how it's going and maybe even keep a dev blog so we can see progress.

    I was wondering why you think you will need to find a coder who is very experienced with Orx before you can complete the project? You mentioned you know C and have another programmer as well, so why not get started? The tutorials on the Wiki are good and the support from iarwain et. al. on this forum is excellent.
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    That is true. While I do not want to rush the development of the game, I feel that hiring someone experienced is necessary to "speed up" things and have everything work as fast as possible.

    This is kind of hard to describe, but a working prototype of the game would really help me to make decisions about the game. It would also allow me to make a video about it and show it off on kickstarter's platform for exemple, and "convince" people to fund the project.

    Someone experienced with the engine would be able to develop certain complex features in the game that I planned, as I figure it all out. That's quite why I'm looking for someone used to the engine.
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    I was afraid people reading this forum would likely be very busy with their own project, but it's always worth a try. Plus we get to know more about your project and that's always nice!

    As for using orx, I have the feeling that any C/C++ programmer can get used to it within a few days and proficient within a couple of weeks. I'm glad acksys' opinion goes the same way. :)

    As for complex features, we should be able to help you with those on the forum. ;)

    Best of luck for your project!
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    There's a dev blog now.
    Also, Grey has expressed interest for the project, so it's more likely to come out good. Complete docs for the project are on the way!
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    Excellent. May I recommend you also update this thread when you update the blog, so Milana gets as much exposure as possible?

    Off-topic: My team has also begun our first project so I'll be posting in this forum as well when the alpha is complete (next week maybe??)
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    I'm discovering Orx a little bit more everyday, even though I've been quite busy last week. I end up enjoying Orx at night, reading tutorials and experimenting in a calm, peaceful atmosphere. This is great.

    I didn't update the dev blog that much as there is nothing much to say about the project itself, but I'm working on the studio's website and will have it ready with a page about the game soon.
    I'm still waiting for a bit more from my pixel artist before I can show you anything. Be patient!
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    This is cool stuff. I like the sprites.

    I think the hints you've given us about the story are pretty interesting as well. Looking forward to seeing more.
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    DEV BLOG UPDATED once again, now with Milana's world map and background stories.

    Lot more updates coming soon, we're discussing game design at the moment, and making critical decisions about the game's look and direction. Stay tuned!
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    If I weren't in college, I'd totally want to help you out. But I have to finish my current project for school before I can help anyone else. I also have my own idea for a game... and I have no resources. I have a few classmates interested in helping me, but interest isn't enough to keep someone working on a project for years without guarantee of payment. But that's why it's just a dream for now...

    Woah, I think I might be getting off topic now. Sorry. Anyway, how long-term is this project? If you're still working on it in a few months, I'll have nothing better to do in my summer, and I'd totally love to help out. If it becomes something serious, I might be able to get special permission from the school to work on it.
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    Thank you for your interest in the project. There's a high chance the game will come out this year if we work hard enough, which means we will still be working on it this summer. We could sure use some help and you sound motivated enough.

    I should be posting more updates this week on the dev blog.
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    Hey guys! It's been a while and I thought I would update you on what's going on so far. Even if the DEV BLOG shows little, I can tell you there's a lot more in the making!
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    That's really cool, Mhyre. I love the different styles and colors of the treasure chests you made.

    You have a lot of people on your team. Are you using any kind of online system to organize the communication, besides email?
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    acksys wrote:
    You have a lot of people on your team. Are you using any kind of online system to organize the communication, besides email?

    Not all the people working for me are working on the project - Mails, MSN ans Skype are fairly used, but considering the two pixel artists live far awar from me (Canada and China, lucky me in France, ha!), I made a pixel folder on a server with a todolist and milestones. Both artists got FTP access to that folder and got their own subfolder in there, where they simply upload what they made and check the list.
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