Twitter for my first game ...

Hi every one !

I don't really like social network, but I think it will be a great functionnality to communicate some news to people.

So I have created a twitter to push some news about my first game (not released yet).

Hope it will be released soon (Android first) !

If you want to take a look at my twitter's page, you can go here :!/GG_Software

I'm not totaly sure for now, but I think the game (on Android) will released in 2 versions : one free with ads and one for somethink like 1$ without ads.


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    So the release date is imminent?

    At first, by reading the topic, I thought you wanted to add social network support to your game so that players could post their latest highscore on twitter/facebook! =)

    What are you going to use for the ads? Mochi or something else?
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    Hey Iarwain !

    So, for the release date yes, I hope it to be imminent, maybe in one month or less.

    Sorry for the confusion about the topics ^^

    For ads, I will use admob.
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    Hi again !

    Finalizing the game is a pain in the ass ^^ There's always minor thing to do ;)

    But, now, I think it will be really soon. The Android version is almost ready.

    So, actually the game has been tested on :
    - HTC desire
    - HTC desire HD
    - Samsung Galaxy S II
    - Acer liquid

    Someone have another android phone ? I would like to give the apk to people that have other phone on this forum, so I could validate them.

    A friend have a Galaxy S, but the game doesn't work on this phone (black screen at startup), but his phone is really really slow and doesn't work very well, so I'm not sure that the problem comes from my game (actually, I can't ask him for debug his phone because he need it ...). So, specially if someone has a Galaxy S, it will be apreciate to have another test on this device.

    For those who want to do this my game, send me a private message.

    But another thing, maybe I will not give the apk to "new people", I'm a little paranoid, so I will probably accept only for people that post frequently here, I will decide that when I will have some answers ^^

    Thanks !
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    Hiya faistoiplaisir,

    I have an HTC Desire HD, so I know you've already tested, but if you want another test I'm happy to volunteer :D

    Either way, good luck with finishing up! I look forward to seeing it!
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    Hi Grey !

    Why not ! I totally trust you, so just send me a private message with your email and you will have that in 5 minutes !

    Thanks you ! ;)
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    faistoiplaisir, I have an HTC Incredible if you need that as a test device.
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    Cool !

    Check your private message ;)

    Thanks you acksys
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    I am getting Forbidden error when I click the link you sent me in PM.

    Also, once we get that solved, do you have any specific areas or ideas where you want feedback?
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    Yeah, my fault... solved :)

    So, maybe you don't need to give some feedback about the "english langage" because Grey already done that (and it's not integrate in this apk).

    After that, just tell me your feel about the game ^^
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    faistoiplaisir, I didn't know if you wanted the feedback to be public in this thread or not, so I sent it to you by email.
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    So, according to feedback from to Grey & Acksys, I've made some modifications.

    I'll send you two an update of the game soon (today, tomorrow, when I'm ready), including unlocked bonus and your suggestions, so you could try them if you want.

    I will include the FPS property enable, so acksys, you could tell me what's the performance on your HTC incredible (for you Grey, I already know that because we've the same phone ;))

    Acksys, for the feedback, by email it's ok because all of the forum people doesn't have access to test my game.

    Really thanks for your feedback !
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    I haven't posted here, but don't hesitate to send me a build. Not sure which crappy phone we have, all I know is that it's a 2 years old Samsung. :)
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    Hey Iarwain,

    Build in your mailbox ;)

    Keep me informed if it works or not, so I can add this information on the gg-software website ! (and try to find the name of this android device).

    Thanks !
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    Got it, tested it and even on our crappy Samsung Intercept it wasn't running too too bad. :)
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