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Hi all,

Breaktris is a game prototype Mark Cooke and myself made for the Molyjam 2012 over the last week end.

We got positive feedback, including from Kotaku, so might push the concept more but nothing has been decided yet, we'll see.

You can find more info (and a windows build, other versions will come soon) here.

You can also see Mark's presentation at the jam here at 1:08:23. I unfortunately had to go back home before the presentation.


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    Well I'm alone right now, so I ended up playing both sides of the screen, which was actually kind of fun.

    I think it could be a fun competition with two players.
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    By reading the article I thought this was a mashup between Tetris and Blockout, the 3d top down Tetris. It would be a bit harder to play both at the same time.

    It's a fun game but both games should be inverted, Tetris should be on the left and breakout on the right because your keyboard is on the left and the mouse is on the right.

    I wouldn't advise to develop the game further though because once the ball in in the tetris camp, you can just keep making lines, the ball won't get out and the breakout player won't have anything to do.
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    Hehe I guess your mouse is on the right but it's not the case everywhere! ;)
    Also, it shouldn't be too bad to move the mouse on the other side of the keyboard when playing it, but maybe if we push the concept more we'll offer the option of choosing on which side the games end (as well as network gameplay I guess).

    It's only a prototype, we have a few ideas on how to make the game more interesting for both players and not having one player wait passively for the ball to come back. We'll see if we get the time to put our ideas in practice though.
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