Chocolate Mousse!

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Okay, so now that you're here you should totally look at my 'blog' thingy... it lacks Chocolate Mousse so far, but... I'm sure once someone invents a way to spread deliciousness through the internet, I'll put some there for you!

In the meantime; feel free to read my semi-crazy ramblings here:

It's actually kinda semi-orx related (mostly 'cos I use orx in most stuff I discuss there :P)

- Grey.


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    Oh nice, you got that 3D iso map working nicely I see. Congrats! :)
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    Hi all !

    Yes, that looks nice !

    I'm just curious, how do you achieve 3D iso in orx ?
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    With difficulty (not impossible, but most definitely not recommended!) -- that latest image isn't actually 3D. I am simply using isometric sprites, and layering them on top of one another to 'fake it' :)

    this is the sprite-sheet I used to make that image:

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    Ok cool, I understand !

    Good job, it looks nice!
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    Well, isn't 3D iso actually always 2D, as far as rendering is concerned? :)
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    Sure, but then, isn't it just "isometric" rather than "3D" or "2D" isometric?
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    Isometric by itself doesn't mean much, but you're right: the proper term would be "isometric projection" or "isometric perspective".

    Anyway in your case it's a misnomer: you're using a dimetric projection (the one often seen in video games), not an isometric one. :P
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    oh pshh, semantics ;)

    I haven't actually measured the angles myself, and I'm not going to hazard a guess as to if they're 105/105/150 or 120/120/120 haha -- either way, it looks good, and does what I want :D (so far!)
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    Gosh, had my head in own stuff so long I haven't taken a look around what been going on elsewhere here. Nice 2D graphics, Grey. Very attractive rock sprites.
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