Circle Pong

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Hey guys,
I finished my game I was working on. It's called Circle Pong because it's pong but in circle obviously :D. I started this project because I wanted to learn orx a little bit and there is a result. It's not much but it's start. There should be a picture and link:


It's a debug version, because I have some difficulties with compiling the release version.


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    I would like to add, that I am not an artist so it looks according to it but I tried :).
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    Just tried it, nice work there, congrats! :)

    I really like the splash screen too! :P

    I wish I could play with the mouse in single player though, would feel great.

    If you send me privately your project I can help you to build a release version and/or builds for other platforms.

    How was your learning experience? Not too exhausting, I hope!
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    Just a small update, I didn't have time to compile it for other platforms but now that I'm leaving for 3 weeks of vacation I'll try do it in that time frame. :)
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    Hey guys, I just uploaded the whole circle pong project with source codes. It's useless for me now because I am not going to work on that anymore and I think it could be helpful for somebody, but be aware that it was my first game and according to me it is not the best example for learning or something else. So there it is:

    PS: Feel free to do whatever you want with that. :)
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    Heh, thanks for sharing your source with us! :)

    I actually added project files for building on windows (visual studio) and mac but I still need to add one for linux. Sorry for being so slow...
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    Hi Reemon,

    I finally found the time to create codelite/xcode/vs2008 build files and compiled your game on all the different platforms.
    Though I haven't done linux32 and couldn't test linux64.

    I had to make some slight modification in your code to make sure all versions would work. You can find the archive containing all the sources and the mac/windows/linux64 binaries at
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    I really appreciate your help with realeses Iarwain. Thanks a lot for your time spend on that and I will look at the changes that you made, hopefully I will learn something from it.
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    Those were small changes, nothing worth of much attention.
    However here are a few other things that can be improved, mostly using not so obvious features of orx to make your life better/easier when writing a game but I'm afraid I won't have any time to provide code examples before at least a few weeks. :/

    Sorry that it took me so long in the first place!
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    I tested linux64 on Arch Linux tonight. Both debug and release versions seem to run fine.
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    Incidentally that means I broke the linux release version of orx more recently then, during the last two weeks.
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    Thanks for testing the game on linux acksys a really appreciate it.
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