Project Midora

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EDIT: Possibly looking for one Orx developer to help with project MIDORA.

Audio trailer

Images coming SOON.


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    Hi, I just have a quick question. What happened to the websites? I was checking them from time to time but they are quite a long time off.
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    I was planning on using Wordpress to keep a blog, but I have decided to make an entire website for the studio, still having a blog part of course. It should be up soon.

    Here's the audio for the upcoming game trailer, which will be used for the IndieGoGo campaign!

    Clicky! :)
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    Link brings me to an empty dropbox! :P
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    Oh yeah, completely forgot about that. Actually, the project name changed, so did the dropbox folder, and so did the file's name!


    Project's name is now Midora instead of Milana. Also edited the first post up there.
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    Just a quick update to mention that the domain name has changed, you can now visit the EpicNET!

    The .org website will redirect to the .net. On the front page, you should learn quite a bit about what's planned and what is Midora. Stories, screenshots and more coming soon!
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