Graphical ORX Animation Editor



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    enobayram wrote:
    That would be nice, I think it'd be neater if the binary were also hosted here. As for the wiki, I've created an account (guess with what username :) ) but I seem to need write permissions.

    Any preferred name for the subdomain?

    Also I granted you editor rights a couple of hours after your account was created, but you should have received a notification for that status update. Oh well, you should be able to edit the wiki nevertheless.
    Thanks for offering this, but I've finally managed. In the end, I've written a script to pull the repository 10 revisions at a time :), so it completed overnight. That means I've also tried the animation event firing issue, and it works correctly now, thanks :)

    Glad you found a way and glad the events are now behaving nicely. :)
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    Any preferred name for the subdomain?

    Well, I'm quite boring when it comes to choosing names :) enobayram would be most appreciated.
    Also I granted you editor rights

    Yes, I can edit the wiki now, thanks. I'll write a tutorial for using the editor as soon as I can. But before that, I'm planning to make some cosmetic changes, so I'll do them first to avoid having outdated screenshots. Nevertheless, people can use it now too, the changes will not break any compatibility.
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