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Hey everybody,
I just want to let you know that I have been working on orx physic editor and I think that I am close to finish the first usable version in few days. I will post download link after it will be done. I hope it will be useful for somebody.

There is a picture how it looks so far:


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    Nice work, Reemon!

    I was thinking of writing exporter rules for orx for PhysicsEditor myself but I guess having a dedicated editor is even better. :)
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    Thanks, I do my best but I am not a qt guru so there are some things where I had to improvise a little bit. I looked at the PhysicEditor and I try to make similar UI but I dont think that it is on same level as PhysicEditor :)
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    A bit offtopic but it'd be cool if there was a quick way to give orx graphics a mesh in their properties with vertex positions for each frame and use that mesh instead of alpha blending (since alpha blending is slow on cell phones). And a program like yours would be helpful to create these polygon meshes.
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    I'm currently writing a Scroll class to make more or less this...
    It's actually working (without physic collisions yet), but there are issues.

    1) you still need to write the vertex list in the order of the triangle stripe, opengl expect.
    2) for UV mapping, either your provide one yourself, or it can auto generate a flat mapping automatically.
    3) scaling / rotation / camera zoom is still not wokring

    for 1) and 2) i hope to find a solution via an external tools / scripts to generate the datas.
    for 3) I need time to write the openGL instructions to correctly change the the modelview matrix.

    and probably help from iarwain for all the use cases i didnt think of yet.

    I'll create a topic on this when ready.
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    That's great ! But maybe physics meshes are too different (convex, 8 vertex max, clockwise) and it'd be clearer to have a separated program.
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    Yeah, I didnt implement meshes yet. Right now work only boxes and spheres but with meshes it will be most problematic because of the rules you wrote(convex, 8 max vertices) and because I dont have a clue how meshes work in QT yet. But hopefully I find the way how to make it work. It shouldnt be that hard.
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