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I made a bitbucket repository for my first personal project.

Before anyone gets excited, the repo is very empty. Just some empty C++ files and a few unfinished headers. But I wanted some version control ASAP just in case I messed something up (or my computer dies).

Here's the readme (which looks a lot better on the project page by the way):
Sweet Dreams Project 01

The Sweet Dreams Project will hopefully be a series of games in various genres which all take place in the same world, but don't necessarily share continuity or characters. This game is intended to be the first game in the series: a top-down shooter of the curtain fire (A.K.A. bullet hell or danmaku) variety.

Story Overview
In the world of the Sweet Dreams games, dreams are given physical form and people transition between reality and dreams by sleeping. Nightmares are creatures that attack and twist the fabric of one's dreams in order to elicit negative emotions (fear, hatred, jealousy, etc). People who exhibit negativity naturally draw these monsters to them. People who embrace the evils in their own hearts may come to control these monsters and use them to harvest negative energy to make themselves stronger, but such people tend to lose their minds, humanity, or even their lives if they continue to tamper with such evil powers.

In places in which pain and suffering is commonplace - whether it be physical, mental, or emotional strain - these kinds of attacks (and attackers) are far more frequent. Orphanages are an example of a place in which nightmare attacks become huge problems, both for the children and their caretakers; this game takes place at an orphanage.

The game revolves around 3 children and their tormentors, who drive the majority of the orphanage's inhabitants into a deep, coma-like sleep where they are tormented by nightmares, and unable to wake up until the nightmares are defeated. This ability is common in those who can control the nightmares, and usually comes at the cost of its user also trapping himself in a deep sleep.

People that fight nightmares are called "Dream Catchers," named after the cultural artifact said to catch nightmares before they invade our dreams. They aren't featured prominently in this game, although at least one of the main characters will join their ranks by the end of it.

Arcade Mode
Arcade mode provides a standardized gameplay experience similar to most other danmaku games. Each character has one skill, and two associated weapon and bomb sets that they can choose from.

Story Mode
Story mode provides a more in-depth exposition of the story, and allows players to forge their own paths through the game. Players may tackle the game's 8 main stages in any order, and there are intro, mid-game (after 4 stages are completed), and final stages (after all stages are completed). Players unlock new weapons and bombs from defeating the game's bosses, and may switch them out at will before starting a stage. Skills are still character specific, though.

Diverse weapons and bombs
In Story Mode, you can customize your character throughout the game. With 8 types of weapons and bombs, you can arm your character however you see fit. Adapt your equipment to the situation!

Joystick support
Joysticks will be supported. Your joystick needs only to have 4 buttons (5 if you want a pause button) to play the game properly. Settings will be optimized by default for the Xbox 360 Controller for Windows, but are fully customizable.

Built on the ORX game engine
The game will be built on the ORX Portable Game Engine, a free, open-source, data-oriented, actively-developed, community-driven game engine that is powerful, modular and extensible. It's C base makes it easily bound to other languages, and an optional C++ wrapper class is available for streamlining engine execution and object handling.

I like bitbucket already. A lot easier to use than github, and I can switch to mercurial if I want to. But I'm used to git, and I honestly love the way it works.

I might put a project up for my senior project; just gotta OK it with a team member (forgot to ask him when I saw him).
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