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Well, and As soon as you'll have the time, (in few weeks), I hope we'll still be able to try together to do the prototype of Project cellule :)...

Might be lot of fun to do,
and and good game at the end too :).


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    I'm really looking forward to this! =)

    Looks fun and I already gave some thoughts on how to do it. ;)
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    Just an update for the "community" to say I've send to Iarwain the first placeholder sprites and background.
    With the first prototypes ideas and order to try things, and few times on our own, things are going slowly but still goiing forward :)...
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    I'm on it!
    I mean, I take a night of sleep and I'll be on it during next week end! :)
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    4 Years, 4 Months later, we're still moving on btw, just an update, we reached Alpha in october, and we will reach beta... well I was hopping for end of december but it might be more be end of January (very optimistic) or February/March (might be more realistic) depending on the time it will take to finish the last tasks.

    Of course, when "Beta" will be reached officially, We will start to share links, videos and more.
    Until then, we'll patiently continue to more forward.
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    8 months already since the last message :).

    Still working every sunday on the project,
    Beta has been reached around End of March, but instead of officially make some Beta install and start to talk about it, we worked on feaatures and improvements... so we'll reach a new Beta very soon, that will be really close to Gold actually for we're estimate the amount of work still left to 8 Sundays now .

    1st teaser is ready, and we just need to decide when we will unveiled it all, but it will be very soon, probably before the end of September... with a PC/Mac/Linux release in december ?? let's hope so :)

    so we hope that more news with this time, the 1st screenshots and teaser will be shown here really soon !
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    A 1st screenshot after so many Years
    Next time (in few weks, let's be honnest),
    It will probably in motion with the 1st teaser !

    Yeaaah ! :).

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    1st finished and working Install on windows working and completed... started to distribute the 2 firsts beta version to very close friends...
    Preparation of the announcement continue too, It will be next week (with the teaser) if we're ready by then!

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    Very close Beta has started
    We have to finish the Steam Greenlight Page, and we opened publicly this week-end the pages and websites for an open Beta.

    and FB, Twitter and G+ depending on your preferences:

    Teaser next-week ?
    I hope so!
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    This week and today's work was about small tweaks from Close Beta first feedbacks, and last preparations before the game announcement.
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    Game Announcement and teaser: Should be here before the end of the week !!! Finally !!! :)

    This week, We continued and iterate to improve the Score page based on 1st Beta Feedbacks. Next week should be a deeper work on Render, to be able to add the last missing effect.
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    And here it is, 1st video trailer of Fully Bugged Little Cells:

    Fully Bugged Little Cells is a quick and simple puzzle indie game to be release on Pc/Mac/Linux, iOs and Android devices.

    Greenlight page:

    Follow us on Facebook:
    or Twitter
    or Google +

    Teaser's Original Music:
    "Thoughts 1A37" by Setuniman from
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    Yep, and we'd much appreciate any yes vote, of course! ;)
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    700+ Yes for our first 3 days !!!
    It's only the beginning !! :).

    Thx so much to you if you are one of them.

    This week, we started to work on the last missing Gfx effect. Should be finish next week.
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    We're very very happy to announce that the Beta version of Fully Bugged Little Cells (for Windows) is available for the first time in an Indie Game Bundle pack. This one is done by IndieMeadow for their first pack ever too!
    7 Awesome games awaits you at for the price of your choice.

    If you like what you see, feel free to purchase the bundle, vote for the games on Greenlight and share with your friends so they do the same (the more people buy & share the faster the games will get green lit!).

    Don't hesitate to send us feedbacks too on the game too, for we will work hard to try to implement the more we can for the final game release still schedules before the end of this year.
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    We created a indieDB page too:

    We will now enter the last phase of the Devs. with the feedbacks of the Beta, and the last polish and tweaks to do, and of course, the launch/gameplay trailer !
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    Development is moving nicely and once every week-end as usual.
    We are tweaking and improving lots of small things after the Beta release.

    You can vote for our game for the 2013 IndiDB Goty on IndiDB from the page, and still on our greengage page

    cheers !
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    Don't forget that you can Follow us

    on Twitter

    or FB

    To get our last news.
    I'm hopping for a PC/Mac/Linux release during May now...
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    We're preparing the Launch Trailer Guys !!!

    FINALLY, the game will be soon in your hands !!!
    I'll post the trailer as soon as it's ready here

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    The game should be available next week (September 2nd or 3rd), And here's the trailer:

    You can (Pre)-order the game directly here:

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    Great video, very polished looking game. Great work!
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    Thx You !!! :)...

    5 years we start this, Several "generation" of Orx versions can be find in the code :)...
    Sometime, we even found a bug in the engine thx to a feature we were trying to implement, a win win for everyone :).
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    We are now available on 3 different game shops !!!
    choose the one you prefer (or check out the sales) from here:

    (or follow us on twitter to know when we're making one:
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    Hey Guys :P

    While We're moving forward slowly on the Android version because the game needs optimisation to be at 30 FPS and fully enjoyable,

    We have a Black Friday 2014 Sale on the PC (win/Mac/Linux) version: :woohoo:

    Choose your favorite Shop here
    and Enjoy during 5 days a -70% Off. o/

    Thanks. ;)

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    Hi krousty_bat, interested to know what the technical challenges you're facing with the framerate in Little Cells.
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    iarwain will answer better than myself at this specific question
    It's because we're using way too much layer of transparency if i'm not wrong.
    So the solution is to remove some of them, and trying to guess too without a Profiler what is ours Bottlenecks in terms of Framrates (iarwain should install an iOS version to maybe give us an idea, even if hardware and OS's are different) ).

    I know too that iarwain is optimizing ORX Graphics drivers too (so Everyone will gain from this :), but same think, I will let him answer this more precisely ! :).
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    Yeah sounds like an alpha issue then. I came up against the same thing myself.

    Well I better go get myself the windows version before the sale ends. :)
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    The other thing I forgot to mention was if the Android build was done with the native or non-native version.

    Now that the non-native version has been re-instated, it might provide a performance increase?
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    It's running on the native version, I've never tested the non-native one to be honest, so I don't know how much worse it'd have been. :)
    I need to use Qualcomm's GPU profiler to find the hotspots, hopefully in the coming days.
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    there isn't much performance difference between native and non-native since all the plugins (Display, Sound, etc) are commons to both versions.

    The only difference is in the input latency.

    On native version, inputs events coming from the Android Framework are queued in a pipe, and then consumed by orx, so the min latency should be about one frame (13ms)

    On non-native, inputs events are first queued in a pipe (handled by the Framework), then the Java code consume it to send it back in another pipe consumed by orx. So there is about 2 frames of latency.

    There is also a difference in what you can do with Android Framework.

    On non-native, the OrxActivity extends FragmentActivity, so you can use support Fragment (ie: to show popups)

    On native, you need to use (or extends) NativeActivity which itself extends the framework Activity class.
    That means, if you want to use Fragment (framework Fragment, not support Fragment), you need to raise the min API level to 13 (Android 3.0) instead of API level 9 (Android 2.3)

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    You can vote for us here for the "5th Annual Indie of the Year Awards".

    It is up to you to vote for your favorite indie games so that they may make the top 100 which will be announced on the 11th of December !!!

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    :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

    o/ We are Greenlit on STEAM o/

    we're starting to read the docs, to add the feature that will make this game even greater :)
    More news SOON !!!

    :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

    our Steam's Greenlight page is here:

    :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
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