[iOS] PaSeRo - exciting rock-paper-scissors game

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This game is simple but exciting.
Hope you can enjoy it! ;)

We're programmer from Hong Kong.
Just give us some comments and rate us if you like it!

Download Here from App Store.


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    iPhone Screenshot
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    Hi serko and welcome here! (I didn't get the opportunity to say hi on your recent questions as Knolan gave you answers before me.)

    Congrats for your game! Unfortunately I don't have access to an iOS device at the moment, but as soon as I do, I'll be sure to try your game. :)
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    thx iarwain
    I've made some new products.
    I will available them on app store asap.

    btw I don't have an android device, haha. so if I got one, I may upload my games to play store :)
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    Looking forward to hearing from your other projects!
    I'll try to install PaSeRo next week end on my old iPad 1. :)
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    Hi serko,

    I had the opportunity to try your game tonight. Albeit being simple it's nicely executed, congrats! :)

    Looking forward to seeing your other prods!
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    Congrats !!!

    (I'll try it later today from home).
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