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Ok here is my contribution to the orx community, libRocket ( for ORX

here are the repositories
this simply a fork of the official github repository (
and I added the build rules and precompiled libraries for android.
For PC, just use cmake to build the lib.
The actual implementation for the ORX integration and a simple demo application showing how to use it.
This is mainly for android, freetype2 library (required for font rendering) with build rules and precompiled libraries for android.
It's not needed for PC since freetype2 should already be installed (at least on linux... didn't test on Windows / MacOSX)

I'm opening all this hoping that it may help someone, and I'll happily merge pull-request for enhancement.

on the TODO:
- integrate with iOS
- integrate orx localization feature with libRocket localization
- add some kind of binding to use orx Tracks (for example to animate libRocket elements)

Have fun, don't hesitate to ask questions here.



  • jimjim
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    Hey, this is really cool. It would be much of a help to make some sort of ingame editor or orx. One thing, is librocket still in development? I see no activity in the site and on github.
    But anyway, can't wait to check it out, nice job :)
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    Yup, it would be very helpful for in-game editor, or some kind of Studio

    libRocket is not developed anymore by the author, but he still accept pull requests from forks.
    He seems to be lazy, since some pull request could be very interesting to merge (like using bitmap fonts, and get rid of RTTI).

    Still, it's quiet useful in its current state.

    I've already implemented a very simple binding on libRocket events to call orx Tracks.
    <button onclick="StartGame">Start Game</button>

    will execute the track "StartGame" when this button is clicked.
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    Nice work!

    If you want (no obligation) to move it under the orx group on bitbucket, don't hesitate.

    As for freetype2, it doesn't come with windows/osx. I also added it as an external dependency in orx's repository (for orxfontgen).
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