Android document revisons available in the wiki

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Just letting you guys know that I'm currently back on the Android documention.

Should be updated on the wiki by the weekend and will help casual Android devs. Serves as a both a tutorial and a reference.


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    Nice! I'm also going to go back to the Android/iOS version of Little Cells very soon now that the Steam version is done, so the timing is great for me. :)
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    cool, I'll check this
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    Documents all updated on the wiki. Needs a little fine tuning and double checking:

    But should be well and truly enough to:

    * Learn how to download Android Studio, the NDK, and the Orx repository
    * Learn how to Compile the Orx library for Android
    * Learn how to compile the Demo Project into an APK.
    * Learn how to use the Demo project as the basis for your own project.
    * Learn how to compile your own project into an APK.
    * Misc troubleshooting steps.
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    Thanks for the updates, sausage!
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    Just updated the Android documentation to make note that users of the NDK need to have version r10e. This version definitely has GCC 4.9.

    The Android build on bitbucket was changed a few weeks ago to require GCC 4.9, so the doc has been reflected to suit.

    Making note of it here as well for people searching to solve any compiling issues.
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    Thanks for the update. I thought the current Android libraries (dependencies) were compiled with 10b though. Didn't you have any trouble when using 10e for the game without recompiling them with 10e?
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    Ah yes, 10b is probably fine too. I jumped straight from 10 to 10e and didn't bother to check versions in between because the downloads are reasonably large. So 10e is a guaranteed working NDK.

    So if orx android is compiled on 10b I'll change the wiki doc to state 10b and up.
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    actually, orx buildbot slave is using ndk-10e, but prebuilt libraries (Box2D, libwebp, openal-soft) were compiled with GCC4.9 from ndk-10d (I think)

    I should recompile and push with ndk-10e... but seems to works fine so far
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