First time using ORX Editor

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So This week there was a holyday in my country and me and a couple friends went full nerd and started a game prototype. They both wanted to use Unity3D so we ended up using it, but honestly I couldn't see all the magic about it (ORX is still my favorite engine :) ).

So today I decided to try to use the editor to create the same scene on orx. It took me something from 50 minutes to 1 hour to make the it (with all the groups and the collision needed):

It was a cool experience, it was the first time that I actually used the editor for anything that was not a test (and I found a bug, seriously I hate you fliping :angry: ) and it has been great to show me some things the editor definitely needs (for this scene: a way to change the group in the main screen, a way to align all the objects of the scene to the grid, a way to select all the objects of one kind).

Well, just wanted to share the work and show some of what the editor is capable of. Also, as always any suggestions are welcome.


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    Hi Knolan, the link is not publicly accessible :)
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    Strange, it says anyone can share and view...

    I re-uploaded the picture (the link is fixed in the post as well), how about now?
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    I can access it ok.

    Knolan, it would have been great if you could have screen captured your screen and posted the process to youtube.
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    That is a good idea, I will recreate the scene once I finished the new UI and record it. Do you have any indications of a good screen capture software for windows?
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    I'd go with Open Broadcaster Software. It's primarily used to stream to twitch & co but can record to disk just as well.
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    Yep go with OBS as Iarwain says.
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    Hey there, I downloaded the program and recorded one with the new UI and features. The video is quite long (7 minutes) and a lot of it is me placing objects in the scene, so I added the time where the main features are shown in the description, I would advise yo jump to those parts to sabe time :laugh:

    The link is here:

    As always, feedback is welcome. I will try to pack it as soon as I add some extra feature to have an easy to use package as well.

    The art used was taken from here:
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    It looks very promising!
    As a side note, I really like the way you display your grid. :)
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