New Tutorials By Subject section

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Our tutorials have been buried under all kinds of categories in the wiki, like author names, sections etc. Everything is too hard to browse quickly.

I've created a new Tutorial by subject section that replaces the previous page of organised tutorial links. You can still get to the old version from the new page for those who prefer.


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    Wow, nice work!

    Personally I like this one better, albeit maybe a bit "flat" to my taste.
    Do you think we should regroup all those topics in bigger "areas" of interest, like Setup, Graphic, Audio or whatever makes the most sense, still on the same page?
    What I mean is that, the summary at the top right might be easier to parse if it were broken down into chunks instead of everything at the same level?
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    Yep definitely possible. This is to get the ball rolling and see makes the most sense.
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