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Hey everyone!

So I was going through the projects today looking for some cool examples to download, however each example I went to was hosting by some temporary hosting service, and therefore none of the projects I tried to download was available.

How about you employ one of ( file hosting solutions? I don't think think it would be that difficult to configure, and I do believe that BlueHost allows unlimited transfer/space. This could be abused but I believe most of those scripts are (or can be) easily configurable with a captcha of some sort or integrated with this forum to prevent abuse. Just a suggestion, I want to see some more projects! Take it easy :)



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    Hey Matt!

    Nice to see you around! :)

    So which projects did you want to download? All the ones to which I contributed are hosted on orx's site, with BlueHost. :)

    I also propose to host orx-related work for anybody in a personal section (Grey & Blarg are using theirs for storing their orx-related work).
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    Hey Rom... sorry for the late reply. I typed a message a few days ago and must not have hit submit while I was in class lol. In any case I was trying to download some of the users projects like Tower Defender and such, and most are all old or broken links (the few that I clicked on). However I did just notice that Tower Defender is working now. I'm going to go check it out!
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    Hey Matt,

    No worries! :)

    Let me know if there are other files you can't access. :)
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