v1.7 has been released!

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You can grab it here.

And here's the CHANGELOG since 1.6:

* IMPORTANT: Simplified compile targets to: Debug, Profile and Release (the Core targets are used for tools and don't embed the plugins)
* IMPORTANT: New lighter-weight hg/git repository of orx, setup.bat/setup.sh needs to be called (the first time only) to gather dependencies
* IMPORTANT: Added sound bus feature (for grouped volume & pitch control)
* IMPORTANT: Renamed orxRENDER_EVENT_OBJECT_PAYLOAD to orxRENDER_EVENT_PAYLOAD + modified its layout to use struct hierarchy
* IMPORTANT: Added orxConfig_SetBootstrap() that allow user code to be executed after config module init but *before* any config file has been loaded
* IMPORTANT: Added Webp support (load) to all platforms
* IMPORTANT: Android's target surface is now driven by Display.ScreenWidth or Display.ScreenHeight properties but will maintain device's aspect ratio
* IMPORTANT: Engine will now pause/resume when receiving focus events (Android)
* IMPORTANT: Owner-less shaders are not supported anymore (for full screen shaders, use viewport-attached ones instead)
* IMPORTANT: orxDisplay_SetVideoMode(orxNULL) will now reinit client states/arrays to help with a Steam overlay bug on some Mac computers
* IMPORTANT: orxRENDER_EVENT_STOP is now sent after all extra rendering (FPS, console, profiler)
* IMPORTANT: Added half-axis support to input module
* IMPORTANT: Added optional "sub-frame" interpolation to spawners, off by default
* IMPORTANT: Simplified module dependency scheme (will affect users that do not use the orx_Execute*() helpers)
* IMPORTANT: Physics update now uses absolute fix step update, based on Physics.StepFrequency property, adaptable update is still optionally available
* IMPORTANT: Added Size/Pivot support to objects that do not have graphics, compatible with picking functions
* IMPORTANT: Removed OpenGL ES 1.x support on iOS

* orxHashtable can now use 64bit keys
* Reactivated Neon support in stb_image (iOS, device only)
* Android's external dependencies are now compiled with gcc 4.9
* Added support for iOS 64bit
* Added orxAnimSet_GetName()
* Added orx_LogAllStructures(), for tracking purposes
* Added commands Command.IsGreater and Command.IsLesser
* Added command Config.ClearValue
* Added orxTexture_GetLoadCounter + associated command
* Fixed scale propagation for physical bodies in object hierarchies
* Fixed CRC32 to use the actual CRC32B reference algorithm + added slice-by-8 optimization
* Fixed Win64 support in file module
* orxFile_GetSize() now support 64bit sizes on all platforms
* Added commands to access object colors in all supported color spaces
* Added resource commands
* Added orxVECTOR constants for secondary colors (RGB)
* Removed all manual CPU/GPU sync points -> no more calls to glFinish()/glFlush()
* Updated all display plugins with VS2013BO-based optimizations
* SoundPointers can now be paused/stopped right after creation
* When a localized string/font isn't found when switching to a different language, the text won't get modified
* Renamed default font -=DefaultFont=- to default
* Misc fixes, optimizations and additions
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