"The American Dream" on Android

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Howdy folks. So, a long time ago, I made a game called The American Dream: Are We Not Drawn Onward to New Era for an experimental indie games showcase. As I say it's very experimental, and a bit silly, but I was happy with the result.

I've just finished porting it to Android (note all my "wtf is going on here" posts in the Help forum), and it's available for download here!

Still a bit buggy---I noticed (and have heard reports) that when you leave the game and then start it up again, it freezes, forcing the user to hold the HOME button to force-quit the game. When I did that, though, after force-quitting I was able to restart the game normally. Still looking into it.

So there it is; check it out if you're interested in low-rez, monochrome, weird and experimental games. (Oh, and I've written up some of my thought processes here.)


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    Congrats! o/

    I'd love to say I'd try this new version on my wife's Android, but in the fact I never got to try Lydesik's Gravity on device either. -_-

    Simply using my wife's phone bugs me to no end: it's a low end Samsung and its lagginess irks the hell out of me.

    As for the restart issue, Lydesik and Faistoiplaisir will probably be able to help you with that. Any non-reinitialized static data maybe?
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    I confirm that Iarwain said. It's a non-reinitialized static data. You have to clean all.

    On android, process is not killed when you press the "home" button. And when you restart your game, your static vars keep the same value.

    So, if there's a pointer, it will not be orxNULL and if you use it, you crash ;)
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    Ahhh, good to know! I'll go back through and see if I can find any instances of that problem.

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