Sonar (Working Title)

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Hiya peoples,

A few days ago I decided to try making something new. What I decided upon was "Sonar".

The basic idea of the game, is that you play as a submarine, deep under the ocean -- Your only means of seeing the world around you is (aptly) 'sonar'.


When I've managed to fully implement the networking library I'm playing with - I plan to add multiplayer capability, and all the hunt-down-the-enemy stuff as well!

In the meantime, if anyone wants to give this a look, be aware it's an early build (only actually put about 5-6 hours in over the last three days.) but a copy is available here:
(Currently only a windows build, if anyone wants something else, drop a message here and I'll see what I can do!)

(Edit:) And before I forget: W/A/S/D or Arrows to move, Left click mouse to send out a sonar pulse, Right click mouse to drop a 'sonar mine'!

- Grey.


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    So, I did some hefty rewrites of the game -- broke everything, and have slowly put it all back together. And now Sonar includes the Scroll wrapper on top of it. Yay!

    Next up: Modifying my level loading system to accept Scroll's levels instead!

    (Files on the server have been and will continue to be updated with each change.)
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    Nice, Scroll is the way to go! ;)

    By modifying your level loading system, you mean calling Scroll::LoadMap()? :)
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    Hah, yes I was doing some custom loading. Essentially I had the beginnings of a sort of scene-graph built into my own levels, and had to parse them manually. Now I just use Scroll:LoadMap(). :)
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    Some of the most beautiful words I've read in a long time:


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    This is cool, Grey. I downloaded the linked build and played around a little bit.

    What networking library are you using?

    Do you have any other plans for the platform or gameplay you'd share?
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    Heya Acksys,

    Currently I'm using RakNet as my network library -- turns out they now have a nice free license for indies. :)

    As for the gameplay: it's early stages right now and honestly I've not fully thought it through; (Thus leaving myself wide open to scope creep, yay! haha) but at the moment, the main priority is to make it a simple pvp death-match. Once I've prototyped that a little, (and hopefully proved it is fun!) I also plan to have several different subs to choose from; differing speeds, handling, armaments and even 'noise' levels to add a little more to the strategy of the hunt.

    edit: I'm trying to keep the game very simple right now, mainly to keep me from not finishing it. Too many of the games I try to make alone get to big, too fast and I give up. I'd like to avoid that this time! :)
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    Just another quick update -- I've finally got the network tamed. F4 starts a server, and F5 starts a client. Clients read the address they connect to out of the ObjectBase file ("ServerAddress" value :) -- you can type IP addresses in there, and -in theory- domains too, though I've not tested this really.)

    Still no actual -gameplay- yet, but that is next on my to-do list :)

    Edit: and as always, the latest build has been put on the server if anyone wants to try it out. :)
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    Couple of tweaks to players (new art) -- a new zip with some music in it too (so if you don't want to download it, you don't have to!) and the first few bits of code to handle torpedos are in too :)
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    I just took a look. Good to see some progress on this. When will we get to see some gameplay?
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    Progress has slowed a little, but I -hope- that the next few days will see the most basic of pvp gameplay in place. Working on syncing torpedos across the network, (re)spawn locations, and players actually dying right now :)
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