Dino Memory Game


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    Congrats for your game!

    Out of curiosity did you use orx (or part of it) to make it?
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    Yup, forgot to mention, but the whole game is done thanks to orx.
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    Nice work.

    I played it with my 3 years old daughter yesterday for half an hour and she loved it and didn't want to put it down. :)

    On my device there were a couple of issues though: most of the texts had a scale problem and were so small they couldn't be read.

    Though there's no obligation at all, if you feel like mentioning orx somewhere (logo, splash or anything else) that would be really appreciated. :)

    If you have any orx-related questions or suggestions, please let us know!

    Looking forward to seeing your next game!
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    Thanks for the feedback.

    about your issue with text size..., on what device are you running the game. I know that on devices with low pixel density orx doesn't look nice.

    I'll add credits to orx in app descriptions.
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    I ran it on a Samsung Intercept which has a resolution of 400x320.

    It's more than a resolution problem as the text was displayed with a height of maybe 3 pixels maximum and that was only the texts in buttons, the difficulty selection text was displayed normally and was completely readable.

    Thanks for the credits.
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    hmm, that's weird...

    could you attach a screenshot of the issue, because I can't reproduce this issue.

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    I'm having an issue with tracklines

    I'm trying to retrieve the GUID of an object to add an FX via the command Object.AddFX GUID FXName.

    So when I create the object with orxObject_CreateFromConfig(...), I'm pushing the GUID in the runtime config in MySection.MyObjectGUID

    Here is the track to add the FX...

    0 = > Config.GetValue MySection MyObjectGUID # Object.AddTrack < MyFX

    but it doesnt works... no warning, no error... no FX

    any help

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    I'll be happy to post a screenshot as soon as I find how to take one on the Android device (it's my wife's phone so I don't often use it).

    As for the track issue, I'll check a similar situation tonight and let you know what I find.

    I assume you're using the latest svn version?

    I remember Lydesik reporting weird behaviors with tracks on Android but everything was working fine for him on Linux. Are you in a similar situation?
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    Was about to test but I noticed in your post is written Object.AddTrack < MyFX

    Was it a typo and you meant Object.AddFX < MyFX or is MyFX actually a track that will then add the FX?

    EDIT: Also, on do you add the track and to whom?
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    ok my bad, it was an error in my code
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    You mean for the Track or also for the text zoom issue?

    Haven't found how to take a screenshot so I guess I'll just use an external camera. :)
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