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Hi all,
I think there should be a tools section in the forum where user created tools can be uploaded for others to use. I know there is many ORX related tools developed by some users, but they are scattered in the forum posts. It would be nice if all the tools are in one place.

For example, I had found a post where tiled map files could be loaded in ORX, but I now cant find that post, I will find it if I search it well, but it is not convenient. So it will be much helpful if we can find all user created ORX tools in one section. But this is my opinion, I want to know what others think about it.

If a tools section is created, then a list of required tools for ORX should be posted, either by me or by someone else.

All hail ORX :D


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    Hi jim!

    Sounds like a good idea but, to me, that was also one of the roles of the Projects section. :)

    That being said I can add a Tools section if you really feel like it, though I don't recall that many community-made tools beside the main editor attempts and your own contribution.
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    Ooops.... I did not realize that project section can also be used as a tools section. But it would be nice if there was tools section, so that new users can ask or contribute in making small tools.

    For example, texture packer can be easily used with ORX. It generates XML files and all we have to do is to use an XML parser and process the data. There is also many tools like physics editor, particle helper, tile map editor etc. With a few days effort one can easily integrate each of them with ORX. I want this tools to be developed by ORX users, I know ORX is currently maintained by a single person (iarwain), so I am not trying to put pressure on him. I myself want to contribute to some of the tools for my own achievement and learning purpose. And if we have more 3d party tools to support, more users will be attracted. And development time will be much reduced.

    Edit: I think renaming the "project" section to "project and tools" section will just do the job.
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    Why not!

    But I feel like the forum isn't the best place to find tools and their latest version/doc anyway.

    It'd be much more efficient to have a wiki section for community tools, with download links and info about the latest release. Much easier to find and people won't get lost in pages of discussions. The forum is more about giving feedbacks and asking questions on something than a repository of any kind. :)

    What do you think?
  • jimjim
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    Yeah, it will be much better to have a wiki section with details of each tools and how to use them. Even then we need a tools section (at least project + tools) in the forum to have discussions related to tools. Details of tools, how to use them and latest release will be added in the wiki. And tools related discussion will be held in tools ( or project + tools) section in the forum. Is it going to be a much of a work to add these things? because these are not a must, and I don't want you to put your valuable time on this right now. So can try to add these in your spare time, no hurry :)
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    Nah I can at least modify the project section to accept tools and move the tool-related posts there. :)

    Also, for PhysicsEditor and Texture Pacakger that you mentioned, we can apparently write an exporter to be used directly from those tools and the author is willing to integrate them by default in them (or at least he was, last time I asked but that was a while ago and I didn't have the time to write those exporters myself).
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    Hi jim,

    Just modified the project section to also be about tools and moved a few (hopefully relevant) threads there. Let me know if that sounds good to you! :)
  • jimjim
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    Just before adding that, everyone should be informed about the changes.

    Edit: oops :p have not seen your post and changes. Thanks a lot
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    My pleasure! :)
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    I was thinking about creating a topic or something (I think what you said about a wiki section is smart) on what tools people use during development... for art, prog, management, etc... Sometimes it's hard to find good tools on the web, so having everybody pool what they use could be great to learn about new, useful, apps.
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