Ski Hard

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Of all my ongoing projects I've finally managed to finish one of them: Ski Hard! :woohoo:

As of today it's in the Google Play store, and you can download the PC-version from here.

Just wanted to thank iarwain, lydesik and everyone else who are involved in the Orx project! Developing a game using Orx has been a great experience!

Next I need to get an iOS build ready, and then finish one of my other projects. :) screenshot1.png


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    Very nice,

    If I may, there is one small thing, you should try to make the aspect ratio of the frustum match the aspect ratio of the display, so there is no letter boxing on the edges.

    Watch out: the display size can change when the game is running (for example on Android 4.4 with IMMERSIVE MODE).
    There is an event you can listen for (orxVIEWPORT_RESIZE).
    Usually I do the frustum adjustments in the Init() of the game and in this event.

    Other than that, it's a fun little game.

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    Cool! Thanks for that. I've actually been meaning to look into how to handle different aspect ratios properly. Hopefully I have something working now (difficult to test properly without access to multiple devices, or at least I think so?). Will be pushing out an update fairly soon with this and some other smallish fixes.
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    Actually, you can simulate this easily on desktop
    add AllowResize = true in your [Display] section and resize the window with the mouse.

    I'm also testing by manually changing the Display Resolution with the most common displays resolution
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    Nice work! :)

    It's probably a design choice, but I think having "real" trails using a dynamic mesh for the ski trails instead of decals would look great. :)
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    Thanks! I'm not sure how I missed that the window could be made resizable but now that I've enabled it I've found and fixed several other smallish issues.

    Using a mesh to do the trails sounds really cool. Would that be fairly straightforward in Orx, or would I need to go lower level?
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    It's not too bad, I think. :)
    You can find a simple example in my bounce playground where I use a simple dynamic mesh task to make a smoke effect. Lemme know if you have any questions.
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    Finally got to play it on my phone.

    The first thing I found strange is that it asked for full network access, it make me wonder why =p

    On the game itself, I couldn't understand if there is any bonus or penalty for hitting the flags, they fall but there is no other effect (as +1 in green or a -1 in red, for instance).

    Finaly, I found the game gets a bit repetitive in time, you could add some effects in the game, the first things that comes to my mind are coins for bonus points, random flag changes (for instance, pass by left side twice) and landmines.

    Otherwise nice game, had a lot of rage in the montain of madness :laugh:
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    Cool, thanks a lot for the feedback Knolan, glad you liked the game! I have a couple of obstacles and other things that I'd like to add at some point. I really liked your ideas, especially about passing on the left side twice in a row. And the landmines of course. :laugh:

    As for the full network access, there's nothing sinister about it, it was just mandatory for displaying the ads I believe. And also for leaderboards, which are not in the game yet but hopefully soon.
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    Yeah I though it was about the ads, I guess all this NSA around left me a little too suspicious :blush:

    Landmines are just like exploding sheeps, they ALWAYS make the game better.
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    Version 1.1 is live now in the Google Play store and on the website. No landmines yet but I have the dynamic mesh trail implemented and also the possibility that you can get several red or blue flags in a row - thanks to iarwain and Knolan for those ideas! And there are achievements and leaderboards as well...

    Have started to think about the next project, but also some other smaller Ski Hard updates plus I'm finishing up the iOS version. I like lydesik's "one game per month" but not sure I could keep that up just yet. :)
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    Nicely done!

    Runs flawlessly on my Nexus 4. You also have my 4 yo daughter's seal of approval. :)
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    Grats, I saw the update yesterday.

    The trail looks really nice, one thing you also could work is smoother transaction from each phase, the trail kinda breaks when loading a new phase.

    Right now I am sitting on 266/97/21, I always hit a damn tree in the mountain of madness >,<
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