A few questions about the orx functions

So, to get straight to the point, I understand well what init(), run(), and bootstrap() are for, and how they work.

With exit(), I understand its reason, but not its function. Is it auto-managed? Are there optional parameters? Does it have any internal modules? Do I have to make calls to help clean anything up?

I understand orxSTATUS(error checking), but not orxFASTCALL.

Is there any documentation on the master functions, or am I missing them in the html documents? All I see in the html docs are the sub functions.

Thank you, again,


  • I guess the main thing is the opportunity to clean up any custom modules or 3rd party items before Orx performs it's own automatic tear down.

    But certainly for regular Orx use, it cleans up after itself.

  • Yep, as @sausage said, unless you want to perform some extra tasks yourself (like an writing a savegame to disk or cleaning up some things you have setup yourself), you shouldn't really need to put anything in exit as orx will clean after itself.

    orxFASTCALL is ignored on 64bit targets and turned into the fastcall calling convention for 32bit ones.

  • Ok, thank you for the insight, that clears a lot of the question marks up. It's funny you mentioned saved games. I'm thinking of writing some wrappers to add saved games, modular tile maps, and some other features I need for my current project.

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