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I see a mac!
13 December 2008

So, basically, 6 days ago I bought a macbook.

2 days ago, I got orx fully working on it. It turned out to be a very fast porting, at least for the core and some plugins.


However, the SFML-based plugins were a bit harder. SFML hasn't been released for Mac OS X since its 1.1 version. Orx uses SFML 1.3. I had to take the current svn version of SFML (#950), modify it a bit to prevent some deadlock at start on windows when having joystick plugged, and it worked.


My current issue is that it still has a couple of bugs. For example, mouse tracking is broken, exceptions are sent when displaying text in orx (weirdly enough, when orx is launched through a debugger, everything goes fine, ...)  So, to sum it up, has a few annoying bug in its Mac OS X version. Hopefully, all this will disappear when 1.4 version will be released.


I'm still happy using SFML as my main plugin underlying library, but I'm using very few of its features as all ressources management are handled by orx anyway. Actually, only the 3D hardware accelerated display (using openGL) and its font/text display management is what I need. Everything else could be found in SDL.


SDL plugins will be needed for PSP and other platforms versions anyway, so I'm considering swapping the main plugins dev from SFML to SDL, except that... I'm lacking time!

I'm currently working on 3 different game projects, all based on orx, with a 4th one starting in january. I also still want to continue implementing features in orx (like network support, post rendering FX or global input management): I'm kind of stuck with SFML for now.


Unless, of course, one of you who read this might like to contribute to orx's dev (and its plugins support). If so, I'd love to hear from you. Just drop me a line on the forum or in PM. =)


Good evening!


- iarwain

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Full text support
05 December 2008

Hi there!


It's been a while, I know. Lately I've been working on a couple of game prototypes with different friends (all based on orx, of course Wink). So as you might guess, I didn't worked a lot on orx those last weeks, except for some minor tweaks and bug fixes.


This is partly true. Yesterday I spent my whole day working on it to add full text support in orx. Of course, the engine had previous text support (otherwise you wouldn't see the FPS display on some of the screenshots, and no, they aren't photoshoped afterward Tongue out). But now, displaying text is really easy! It's actually as easy as using textures for an object.


As a matter of fact, graphic objects can now use either textures or texts. With no extra code required. The best example is the particle test I made a couple of weeks ago. I didn't touch one line of code, just added a couple of lines in the .ini file, and tadaa: you can see the result in the screenshots section (or if you want to see it move and make sure the FPS display wasn't photoshoped, you can fint it here Wink).


G'night all!


- iarwain

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More screenshots
05 November 2008

Hey all!


Some new screenshots have been added lately. No games, though. Just some demo I'm using to test new features when developping orx. But it's still a beginning! =)


See ya all!


- iarwain

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29 October 2008

Hi all!


Today a new section has been opened on the site: the long awaited screenshots! (Hem, awaited by me at least! ^^)


For now it contains only a few shots from the current build of Drops, but I hope that soon enough other games will be shown there. Of course, if you're developping games with orx and you'd like to have your screenshots here, feel free to contact us. Smile


I'm also taking the opportunity to remind everyone that a projects section exists in the forums where you can freely advertise your orx-based projects.


Another small addition: the video tutorial has been added to the tutorial section, at first place.


Night all!


- iarwain

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orx v.0.9.1 (1108) has been released! Print
21 October 2008

Hi all!

You'll find more information here.

Most of the changes since last release aim at making the engine more user friendly (out-of-the-box compile, easy UI positioning, aspect ratio support, error/warning messages, ...).


Feel free to write your comments in the forum, as always!


G'night all!


- iarwain

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