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New release!
26 January 2010

orx v1.1 has been released!


There are a lot of changes between v1.0 and v1.1. You can find an almost exhaustive list in the CHANGELOG file from any package.


There are 3 majors changes that you need to pay attention to, when updating to v1.1:

- The config property WaveNumber for spawners has been renamed WaveSize 

-  The gravity is now expressed in the same unit system as every other physical values. If you didn't change the DimensionRatio property for Physics in your game, you then need to multiply your previous gravity by 100 (the default DimensionRatio being 0.01)

- As now you can specify empty values for any config property (useful when overriding), when you use blocks for values, the first block marker ["] has to be one the same line as the asignment character [=].



Beside these major changes, a lot of things have been added since the previous release, here's a list of the main ones:

- Added custom animation events, handled from config files (very useful for synchronization)

- Clocks can now be created from config and directly associated to objects, ie. time stretching can easily be done on a per object basis

- Added easy timers based on clocks with optional repetition counters

- Added raycasts to test against physical bodies

- Objects can now have a custom gravity that can be changed on-the-fly

- The display resolution + windowed/fullscreen can now be changed on-the-fly

- Dynamic physical objects can now be part of an object hierarchy, they will compute their position given their parent movement and the results of the physical simulation 

- More robust logic/physics/display loop with no more 1-frame delay

- When using the ChildList property of objects, the hierarchy can be inspected at runtime with orxObject_GetChild() / orxObject_GetSibling()

- AutoScroll/DepthScale now works correctly with objects that have bodies

- Added orx_WinExecute() convenience wrapper when executing orx from WinMain() (ie. for windows console-less games)

- A bunch of optimizations and misc fixes =)


If you have any bug report/comment/feedback, you know where the forum is!


Enjoy! =)


PS: Thanks to smchronos for building the msvs2005 binaries! :) 


- iarwain 

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Let's eat stew!
11 January 2010

Mushroom Stew has been released! Cool


The game runs on Windows, Linux & Mac Os X. The level editor as well as the full source code is included.


If you want to share your user-created challenge levels, please contact me and I'll add them to the archive. 


Thanks to all who helped! Laughing 




Gamejolt page

TIGSource thread

Local thread


Any feedback/comment is welcomed! 


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Hacking Box2D
20 December 2009

I'm still working on my entry for the TIGSource compo. It allows me to really improve Scroll.


But also, it made me hack Box2D so as to support gravity on a per object basis. I also made a very ugly hack to allow tagged objects to not slide on 45°+ slopes if needed. All this is already submitted on the svn repository.


In the config file you can now find 2 new properties: AllowGroundSliding which defaults to true and CustomGravity which defaults to none, meaning the world gravity is used by default.

The custom gravity applied on an object can also be modified at runtime and I'll probably use it in my TIGSource entry. :)

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TIGSource compo - Assemblee
06 December 2009

Hi all,


I've decided to work on something different for a whole month. I'm entering the latest TIGSource compo and will take this occasion  to have a full-scale test of Scroll and make the required ameliorations.


For the compo, all the assets are provided (gfx & sounds), so it's a perfect for a programmer like me who is barely able to draw boxes and circles. The only problem is that I'm not a good game designer either.


So if you're interested in entering the TIGSource compo and you have a good sense of game design along good ideas, feel free to contact me! Laughing


Here's the thread I created for the compo.

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You've been ScrollEd!
03 December 2009

Scroll/ScrollEd, the engine/editor for level-based games, based on orx and written in templated C++ has now reached its alpha milestone.


I've written a very basic game example featuring a top-down view, enemies with different shooting patterns, health management, homing missiles, player animations, sound fx & musics, explosions, etc...


This only requires very few lines of code compared to traditionnal games. New type of enemies with new fire patterns can be added without having to write a single line of code. The corresponding C++ classes will be automatically created and bound to the orx objects at runtime allowing easy customization.


Before releasing everything I only need to add a couple of new sprites (I'm using mostly X-shaped sprites for now) and design a couple of simple levels for the game example as well as add project files for linux (only windows & Mac OS X have been compiled so far).


I'd also like to create a nice wiki page explaining how to use both Scroll (the engine) and ScrollEd (the embedded editor). However I know that my explanation/writing skill saren't that goodso I'd like to find volunteers to help with this wiki page.

If you're willing to help me with this part, please write me an email or contact me on the forum so that I can give you basic written instructions about how things work and send you the current version.

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