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Ok guys, don't leave me alone
23 July 2009

... and contribute to the wiki! Tongue out


Here's the latest addition: http://orx-project.org/wiki/en/orx/tutorials/anim


Let me know what you think of it!


- iarwain

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SVN mailing list
21 July 2009

Since this site has been created I don't think the SVN mailing list has been mentionned.

So here it is! You can subscribe to see what's going up with orx while you wait for the next official release: https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/orx-svn Smile

You can ask questions about orx's internals directly on it too.


19 July 2009

Finally, a wiki has been added for orx at http://wiki.orx-project.org.


It's pretty empty for now (only the first tutorial has been added), but soon the wiki will replace the old and outdated tutorial section.


Please feel free to contribute by adding any useful info, tips or personal code that could help others! You need to register on the wiki so as to be able to edit it.


On an unrelated note, I've finally added a banner (placeholder, but still! Tongue out), this way people will know on which site they've landed! Laughing


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What Sprache parlez-vous?
16 July 2009

A small update to announce that orx now has a localization module (on the svn repository for now). Smile


It's very easy to use, you can query which languages are defined, read their entries and even replace them on the fly.


In the same order of idea, adding new languages to your game will be extremely easy and won't require any extra code. As orxLocale (the module's name) is based on the config one, it inherits of all its possibilities such as having random versions of the same text entry or even allowing to translate partially your game into a new language by inheriting any language already present.

This feature will be part of the next (and hopefully final) release candidate for orx 1.0. Before then, I will try to add some examples to one of the tutorial that already exists.

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Tweet + Help = Twelp?
10 July 2009
If you saw my recent tweet, I'm currently trying to reorganize the code I wrote so far for a lightweight, action-oriented game editor based on orx.

I thought of calling it Editorx at first but the whole thing is a bit more than just an editor: it also contain an additional layer on top of orx that handles map/level save/loa, object creation hooks, etc...

As I don't want to merge that into orx (which will remain a more open game engine), I have to come with a name for this new editor/game engine.

And.... I have not the slightest clue about it.

Pleaaaaaase help! :)

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