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The site's back!
24 August 2009



Sorry for the last 2 weeks where the site completely disappeared. I had a lot of troubles with my previous web host so I decided to take a new one (no more free web host as I couldn't find any decent one). In the process I've lost2 days of data, so sorry for those of you who lost their newly created accounts or recent posts on the forum. Frown

The good news is the site looks fully working, including the search feature in the forum! Laughing

The wiki now covers all the tutorials for the final release for orx (which will soon come). I'll soon remove the old Tutorials section and add the missing setup info to the wiki when I have some time.


Also, Scroll, a plaftormer-oriented C++ engine/editor based on orx, will soon be released, probably along orx's final 1.0 version.


I thinks that's all for the news! If you see any issue, please let me know!


- iarwain

Wiki update
03 August 2009

Since our last news, Orgos began translating the wiki in Spanish.

Also, in the English section, 4 new tutorials have been added: viewport, sound, FX and physics.

There are still 3 more tutorials to come.


Please send feedback using our forums to what you'd like to see in this wiki!

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Ok guys, don't leave me alone
23 July 2009

... and contribute to the wiki! Tongue out


Here's the latest addition: http://orx-project.org/wiki/en/orx/tutorials/anim


Let me know what you think of it!


- iarwain

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SVN mailing list
21 July 2009

Since this site has been created I don't think the SVN mailing list has been mentionned.

So here it is! You can subscribe to see what's going up with orx while you wait for the next official release: https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/orx-svn Smile

You can ask questions about orx's internals directly on it too.


19 July 2009

Finally, a wiki has been added for orx at http://wiki.orx-project.org.


It's pretty empty for now (only the first tutorial has been added), but soon the wiki will replace the old and outdated tutorial section.


Please feel free to contribute by adding any useful info, tips or personal code that could help others! You need to register on the wiki so as to be able to edit it.


On an unrelated note, I've finally added a banner (placeholder, but still! Tongue out), this way people will know on which site they've landed! Laughing


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