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What Sprache parlez-vous?
16 July 2009

A small update to announce that orx now has a localization module (on the svn repository for now). Smile


It's very easy to use, you can query which languages are defined, read their entries and even replace them on the fly.


In the same order of idea, adding new languages to your game will be extremely easy and won't require any extra code. As orxLocale (the module's name) is based on the config one, it inherits of all its possibilities such as having random versions of the same text entry or even allowing to translate partially your game into a new language by inheriting any language already present.

This feature will be part of the next (and hopefully final) release candidate for orx 1.0. Before then, I will try to add some examples to one of the tutorial that already exists.

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Tweet + Help = Twelp?
10 July 2009
If you saw my recent tweet, I'm currently trying to reorganize the code I wrote so far for a lightweight, action-oriented game editor based on orx.

I thought of calling it Editorx at first but the whole thing is a bit more than just an editor: it also contain an additional layer on top of orx that handles map/level save/loa, object creation hooks, etc...

As I don't want to merge that into orx (which will remain a more open game engine), I have to come with a name for this new editor/game engine.

And.... I have not the slightest clue about it.

Pleaaaaaase help! :)

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Final release coming soon
05 July 2009

Lately only a couple of bugs have been found (and fixed) in orx. The engine looks pretty stable and fully functional.

If you ever encountered any issues with it, please let me know, either through the forum or via the tracking system on the sourceforge site.

The 1.0 final will probably be released during july.


In addition to this release, we'll provide an early build of a lightweight game editor based on orx. Right now it's in a very stage but it allows to edit maps (with tiling, grid snapping, rotation, scale, antialiasing, depth layers), save and load them (either in a human readable format or in an encrypted one) and run your game directly in the editor.

With the time it'll get more and more generic as right now it's more suited for platformer/action games.


Also, MrGreen joined the project and will provide orx with a GUI plugin in the coming weeks! Welcome to him in our team. :)


Last news, I created a twitter account named OrxProject where I'll try to post some short news everytime I work on orx or on games/prototypes using it. Feel free to follow it! ;)


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And now it's the turn for RC1!
14 June 2009

Hey all,


Tonight I've been released the RC1 available here.


You can go see the changelog in the forum, but basically it contains a couple of bug fixes (config hot-reload, physics bodies not working properly with negative scales (mirroring), ...) and also the integration of SFML 1.5.


Starting with this release, on Linux and MacOS X, no more custom library to carry around at runtime. Everything is embedded in liborx.so / liborx.dylib, which makes things far more easy on these platforms.


I'll also use this post to announce that the forum has been updated from the old fireboard module to the new kunena one. That should hopefully fix also the issues encountered when using the [code] tag. :)

As it's around 4:00 AM, I wish you all a good night! ;)


- iarwain

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Release Candidate 0 is out!
18 May 2009

Hi everyone,


Everything is in the title! :)

The RC0 is out, you can grab it via the download link or directly here.

Any comments, suggestions, bug reports and general feedbacks are welcomed, as usual!



- iarwain


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