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[12 Jun 2023] Orx - Portable Game Engine version 1.14 has been released.

The Orx community is pleased to announce the 1.14 release.
There are quite a few changes in this release.
Here are some highlights:

  • Bundle, a new extension that can automatically discover and pack all your game resources, either inside separate binary packages or directly within your game’s executable.
    The Bundle extension is very efficient: it performs much better than using a lot of separate small files, cf. .
    It also supports compression, encryption, filters and is fully customizable.
  • Lot of work was made on the Android plugins and its build system.
    The latter has been completely revamped and should be working out-of-the-box in all cases.
  • The core clock can now be prevented from going to sleep as a trade-off between CPU usage and the eradication of potential micro-stutters that could happen under some circumstances.
  • Custom commands can now be run on spawned objects, thanks to the new Spawner config property OnSpawn.
  • Build type (release, debug, profile), CPU, platform and other system properties can now be queried at runtime either through the config system or with a command.
  • The config include directive now supports an optional condition.
  • A ton of quality of life improvements and a handful of API/event refactoring.

The complete list of changes can be found here: .

[2 Apr 2023] Live session #8 - Bundle Extension.

The “denoised” version is now available.

This session was about the new Bundle extension that replaced the old Archive one.
The following points were covered:

  • Advanced automatic resource discovery
  • Output to binary files or embed directly inside your executable
  • Cascading include/exclude filters
  • Compression and encryption
  • Detailed bundling log examination
  • Adding the extension to an existing project

[11 Feb 2023] Live session #7 - Recent Features.

The “denoised” version is now available.

This session was about recent-ish features:

  • orxMod & orxMovie extensions
  • Stagger FX property
  • Sound buses
  • Sound filters
  • Localization groups
  • Relative object positioning

[5 Nov 2022] Live session #6 - Scroll.

The “denoised” version is now available.

This session’s was entirely about Scroll: a C++ thin-layer built on top of orx, that brings additional object-oriented features to the engine, including C++/config binding support.

[15 Oct 2022] Live session #5 - Resource System.

The “denoised” version is now available.

Some of the topics that were discussed:

  • Groups, Storages and Types
  • How resources are located and accessed
  • Priorities & Overlays (aka patching)
  • Caching & Hot-reload
  • On-the-fly swapping
  • Extension w/ new types (apk, bundle, web, etc.)