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[16 Jul 2022] Tenebra.

Tenebra is an atmospheric puzzle game with rogue-like elements. Guide the hapless protagonist to the exit, but also keep in mind that he is afraid of darkness and refuses to walk in the dark areas.

It’s is a Windows-Mac-Linux port of the popular Commodore 64 game from the same author.

[29 May 2022] Live session #2 - Data-Driven Debug & Inputs.

The “denoised” version with chapters is now available.

Some of the topics that were discussed:

  • Non-intrusive data-driven debug
  • Physics vs virtual inputs
  • Local-only config override
  • Offscreen rendering and data-driven rendering pipeline
  • Using a spawner to generate a simple crowd
  • Simple shader override

[15 May 2022] Live session #1: New Project using Init.

The “denoised” version with chapters is now available.

Some of the topics that were discussed:

  • first installation
  • starting a new project with init
  • all the available init extensions
  • one approach to modular 2D character customization
  • physical vs virtual inputs (makes local multiplayer trivial)
  • audio filters
  • on-the-fly procedural data generation
  • time distortion and effects on objects

[27 Apr 2022] Video Tutorial: Writing a UFO game in less than one hour.

A new video tutorial has been released by the community to help you get to grips with writing a simple game in under an hour.

It is the compliment the the article version over on Gamedev .

This video will show you many essential game development concepts and how easy they are to program with Orx.

[10 Mar 2022] Orx - Portable Game Engine version 1.13 has been released.

The Orx community is pleased to announce the 1.13 release. There are a substantial amount of changes in this release. Some highlights include:

  • 70+ updates or new features
  • Added a new SoundSystem plugin based on MiniAudio: All platforms now support loading OGG, WAV & MP3 files as well as writing WAV files
  • Support for: config-driven filters for both sounds and buses, multiple sound listeners, sound panning (including commands), sound spatialization (entirely revamped: is now data-driven & independent of the channel count)
  • Support for the QOI image format to all plugins/platforms
  • Support for position literals with optional offset
  • Compressed texture/icon/cursor support for desktop versions using Basis Universal (UASTC -> ASTC/BC7)
  • Added orxMod (ProTracker MOD) based on the pocketmod library, that adds config-driven MOD support to objects
  • Added orxMovie (MPEG1/MP2) init extension, based on the PL_MPEG library
  • Spawners with UseSelfAsParent will now detach spawned objects upon deletion
  • Native arm64 support for MacOS 11/XCode 12.x
  • Support for VS2022 and retired support for VS2015

The complete list of changes is here: .