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Part 1 - Downloading Orx

For this tutorial, we will focus on Visual Studio 32-bit for Windows only. This will keep things much more straight forward, and allow us to focus on the important thing for this tutorial - writing a game.

Very soon, this tutorial will be changed to favour the git version of Orx for newcomers

Downloading the 1.8 pre-compiled version

For this tutorial, it is recommended you download the Visual Studio 32-bit tutorial zip:

The tutorial zip contains pre-compiled / ready to run examples complete with source, as well as the Orx library. We will use this tutorial solution as the basis for our project a little later.

Extract the Orx tutorial zip file to a new folder on your machine.

What's in the tutorial project?

  • The Visual Studio solution and several examples with source, each as a separate project under the solution.
  • Game assets, like sprites or sound for the examples.
  • Precompiled Orx libraries.
  • Includes for compiling the tutorial examples against the Orx library (you won't need these as the Orx library is already included).

Now you have your own Orx framework library, and you've seen what's inside.

Next: Take a high level look at How Orx works.

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