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Orx Timeline and Timeline Track Structures

The following is simply from CreationTemplate.ini:

[Float] = "Your timeline event text here" | "Your command"; NB: Float is a time in second (>= 0) 
;  after which this timeline event is going to be triggered; If the event is a valid command 
;  it'll get executed by the command module;
Loop = true|false;
KeepInCache = true|false; NB: If true, the timeline track will always stay in cache, 
;  even if no track of this type is currently in use. Can save time but costs memory. Defaults to false;

Latest config settings for the Development Version

The settings on this page reflect the stable / downloadable version of Orx. For up to the minute config information for the Development version of Orx, check the latest published on bitbucket at:

CreationTemplate.ini and


Additionally these files can be found under your orx source tree in the bin folder.

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