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Getting Started with Orx

This wiki contains tutorials, tips and general information about Orx, a portable, open source and data-driven 2D-oriented game engine.

You are encouraged to contribute to this wiki by adding code samples, tips or any useful information that could help other people with this engine.

Getting Orx

The latest up to date version of Orx can be cloned from github and set up with:

git clone 

This is the recommended version of Orx to use. For greater detail on cloning, please see: Cloning Orx from Github

For troubleshooting help building Orx please see: Troubleshoot Building Orx

Learning to program with Orx

Beginner's Guide

Our main guide for teaching newcomers how to set up Orx, create a project and write a simple game.

Config system

The config section details what the config system is, what each of the sections and properties are, and how they are used to set up the configuration data in your Orx game or application.


The examples section provides quick code snippits or reminders of how to use a particular function.


The tutorials section gives you help on a number of topics: animation, game development, compiling Orx, setting up projects, tips and techniques.

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